Laura Raikes

President / Founder

Since Laura was a young girl she was helping her dad in farming and started rescuing all kinds of animals from bats to dogs, cats and even bottle feeding goats and lambs. One of the rescued cats was Igor who had only one eye after an attack by a crow. He is still a much loved family pet back home in Wales.

After moving to Mexico and marrying her husband Carlos their cat Coco was run over, as many of the drivers in Mexico see cats as a pest and make no attempt to avoid them if they see them on the road. Laura decided she wanted to help address the problem of too many stray cats-which leads them to be cruelly treated.

A week after Coco’s death, Laura heard a distressed kitten “Rambo” in the jungle. Hence the name Rambo. She has then continued her work rescuing kittens and spaying/neutering feral cats in her efforts to help the animal population in the Riviera Maya. Each kitten that is rescued is in dedication to her very own lost pet Coco.

Also working on reducing the population, Laura began a spay and neuter clinic working with Kelley Anthony and the veterinarian Claudia Lewy spaying and neutering feral cats, rescued kittens and pets whose owners simply couldn`t afford to sterilize their cats.

Laura realized more needed to be done and asked for support from more vets. Before long, seven different vets in Playa were volunteering in the spay/neuter program for cats organized by Laura.

As the support grew for the project Laura began to meet many other dedicated volunteers and saw the need and opportunity for something bigger. Therefore in dedication to Coco, Coco’s Cat Rescue was created.

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